District Strategic Plan Goals
Goal 1: Access and Preparation for Success
Improve equitable access; help students attain important early educational momentum points. 

Goal 2: Teaching and Learning for Success
Strengthen effective teaching and learning by providing a learner-centered educational environment; help students attain their goals of certificate and degree completion, transfer, and job training and career placement; increase equity in the achievement of these outcomes.

Goal 3: Organizational Effectiveness
Improve organizational effectiveness through data-informed planning and decision-making, process assessment, and professional development.

Goal 4: Resources and Collaboration
Increase and diversify sources of revenue in order to achieve and maintain fiscal stability and to support District initiatives. Enhance and maintain mutually beneficial external partnerships with business, labor, and industry and other community and civic organizations in the greater Los Angeles area.

District Strategic Planning Initiative

Planning Documents
Meeting Minutes 
 2006-2011 LACCD Strategic Plan

LACCD 2006-2011 Strategic Plan 06/18/08
Implementation Matrix (updated 6-18-08)
LACCD Effectiveness Report Measures
District Strategic Plan Report and Final Recommendations
District Strategic Plan Summative Assessment Scorecard