District Mission and Core Values​

District Mission...

The mission of the Los Angeles Community College District is to provide our students with an excellent education that prepares them to transfer to four-year institutions, successfully complete workforce development programs designed to meet local and statewide needs, and pursue opportunities for lifelong learning and civic engagement.

District Core Values...
Access & Opportunity--We are committed to maximizing educational opportunity and access to everyone who has the desire to learn, and we actively engage all students, especially those from communities that have traditionally been underserved by higher education or who require special accommodation or support.  
Excellence & Innovation--In all of our services and institutional activities, we strive to create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement through the use of innovation pedagogy and technologies that challenge our students, faculty, staff, and administrators to meet the highest educational and professional standards.
Student Learning & Success--All of our institutional efforts and resources are dedicated to one central purpose--the support of our students as they work toward the achievement of their academic and professional goals. 
Free Inquiry--We value the vigorous, critical and free exchange of ideas and opinions, and we work actively to create communities of mutual respect and shared concern that support and sustain open debate and constructive, democratic discourse.
The Power of Diversity--As a group of nine urban and suburban colleges situated in the midst of different communities, we draw upon and embrace diversity as an integral aspect of our civic and institutional identity and as a powerful element in the education and development of every individual.  
Equity--We are committed to eliminating achievement gaps by identifying and removing barriers to student success.
Community Connection--Our colleges must be rooted in the communities they serve, and we are determined to build and maintain strong, durable, and responsive collaborations with our educational partners across Los Angeles, and with business, labor, and other organizations that contribute to the fabric of our larger community.
Public Accountability--We are accountable to the public for all aspects of our mission, and we owe the students we serve, the people of Los Angeles, and the State of California regular and timely assessments of all of our efforts through shared governance processes that are open and transparent.