The District Governance Handbook

The District Governance and Functions Handbook contains information on a wide range of critical district-level processes and functions, including:

  1. The functions of the LACCD Board of Trustees and its associated committees
  2. A definition of the functional relationship between the District and the colleges
  3. An overview of all district-level policy, planning , management, and operational decision-making processes
  4. Organizational charts of the major units of the District Office
  5. A glossary of commonly used terms and abbreviations
  6. ​A series of 26 flow charts documenting district and college participation in critical administrative processes  
 You can access the entire164-page Handbook here:  LACCD District Handbook 2013

You can download selected sections of the District Handbook by clicking the links provided below:   

​ ​​​​​​​​​