Perkins 1C funds are intended to be used for the enhancement and improvement of College
Career and Technical programs and to develop new programs. Each college has its own protocol for awarding Perkins funds to programs. Applications are usually reviewed by a college CTE committee and the process is generally initiated and managed by the Dean of Academic Affairs and Career and Technical Education with the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
Applications for funding are generally submitted and reviewed in spring for the following fiscal year.

About Perkins funding:

Perkins funds are intended to be used to improve and upgrade programs to bring them up to industry standards and to initiate new courses and programs in high demand high skill and high wage industry occupations.

Tips for applying for funds:

Demonstrate that proposed activity to be funded is included in college master plan and/or
Career and Technical Education plan for college.
Funding request should be reasonable in terms of objectives of program.
Labor market information demonstrates that program is in high skill high wage and high demand occupational area.
Demonstrate that proposed program or activity to be funded is of sufficient size and scope to be effective.
Demonstrate that proposed activity serves a significant concentration of special populations.
Ensure that program activities to be funded with Perkins funds were not previously funded by general college funds.

Contact your college CTE Dean for specific information for your college.