Workers' Compensation

Return to Work Program

Goals and Objectives

The intent of this program is to develop a system of returning employees to work quickly and safely after injury or illness and improve the capability of identifying and appropriately managing temporary and permanent disabilities. Studies have shown that the sooner an injured employee can be brought back to work, the faster he or she will recover and be able to return to regular assignments.

The goal of Return to Work (RTW) is to assist individuals with work-related illness and injury (and non work-related illness or injury, when possible) resulting in medical restrictions or lost work time. There will be an emphasis on close collaboration between department managers and supervisors to locate appropriate light duty. This program is designed to transition the employee back to his/her usual and customary position after the illness/injury.

Injuries/illnesses resulting in permanent work restrictions with a reasonable expectation that the employee will be unable to return to his/her usual and customary position will be entitled to an interactive meeting that will be administered according to the ADA and FEHA guidelines.

Who is eligible for the Return to Work program?