Workers' Compensation Program

Return to Work

What Does "Light Duty" Consist of?

Risk Management and the supervisor will discuss what, if any, of the regular duties the employee can perform with the medical restrictions he/she has been given.

If there are several tasks that the employee cannot perform, the supervisor can agree to provide assistance for those types of activities. In some cases, the employee is unable to preform the regular duties. Therefore, Risk Management and the supervisor will explore other assignments that will allow the employee to stay within the limitations set by his/her treating physician.

It is important to note that normally, temporary or light duty is not a permanent or regular position. It is work that has been gathered to give the individual with a disability the opportunity to do meaningful work while he/she is recovering from his/her illness or injury. The goal is to return to the usual and customary position when the illness or injury has reached maximum medical improvement.

How long does light duty last?