Risk Management

Property and Casualty - Claims Procedure


This procedure describes how claims against the District are to be submitted, investigated, evaluated, and concluded.

Forms Used

Los Angeles Community College District Claim for Damages to Person or Property

Codes, Regulations, and District Policies Related to This Procedure

California Government Code sections 905, 911.2, 945.6 and 946

California Education Code section 72502

Board Rule Chapter VII, Article III, Section 7313, Liability Claims Procedures

Primary Stakeholders

Director of Business Services


A claim relating to a cause for action for death or for injury to person or to personal property must be presented no later than six months after the accrual of the cause of action.

Step 1

Claimant - Submit Claim to the Office of General Counsel

The "Los Angeles Community College District Claim for Damages to Person or Property" form may be obtained at the District Risk Management Office or by clicking the link to it on this page.

The form must be legibly filled out and submitted along with substantiating documentation (i.e. police or insurance reports) to:

Board of Trustees
Los Angeles Community College District
c/o Office of the General Counsel
770 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90017

Claims may be mailed or delivered in person.

Step 2

Risk Management - Conduct Investigation

Conduct a complete investigation into the alleged event.

Step 3

Facilities Departments - Assist Risk Management as Required

Provide all support required by Risk Management in completing the investigation.

Step 4

Risk Management - Convene Claims Review Committee

Upon completion of the investigation, schedule and convene the Claims Review Committee.

Step 5

Claims Review Committee - Review Claim

Review claim and decide whether the claim should be paid as submitted within 45 days of receipt. Return the committee's decision to Risk Management for processing. If necessary:

  • refer claim to the District Liability Insurance carrier, or

  • obtain legal services

Step 6

Risk Management - Process Claim

If the claim will be paid, notify the claimant that he/she will be mailed a check after hi/she signs a Release form in person at the District Risk Management office. This form releases the District of all further liability.

If the claim will not be paid, notify the claimant in writing that the claim has been denied. Ensure that the notification is mailed "return receipt required."

If the claimant chooses to contest the decision, forward the case to the General Counsel for further processing.

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