Risk Management

How to Request a Certificate of Insurance


When a College contracts with another party, the other party often requests a Certificate of Insurance. Risk Management issues Certificates of Insurance in response to these requests after ensuring that the request is in response to an acceptable contract or agreement.

Requirements must be met before a Certificate of Insurance can be issued. What are those requirements?

Requirements to be Met

Before we can issue a Certificate of Insurance, Risk Management must review a copy of the complete contract, including any attachments, for language related to indemnity and insurance.

Risk Management can only issue the Certificate of Insurance if:

  • The contract does not contain any unacceptable language regarding indemnity or insurance. If the contract does contain unacceptable language or does not specifically request a Certificate of Insurance, then Risk Management will refer you to James Watson, Contracts Manager, at (213) 891-2421, for assistance in negotiating acceptable contract language.

  • The contract specifically calls for a Certificate of Insurance. If the other party is requesting to be named as an additional insured, then the contract must specifically require that as well.

Turn-around time for a Certificate of Insurance is 10 business days after receipt of an acceptable contract.

How to Request a Certificate of Insurance

 Please fill out the Request for Certificate of Insurance form and return it to Risk Management with a copy of the contract and all attachments to the contract. You may return the information by courier mail, by fax (213-891-2490) or electronically, to Sherri Beloney-Hatcher (belones@email.laccd.edu).

If you have any questions, please call Sherri Beloney-Hatcher at (213) 891-2330.


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