​Property & Liability - Quick Reference

Please find below a quick reference for your Property and Liability claims and insurance needs.

General Liability and Property Claims

If you have suffered damage to your person or property, please complete and submit the Los Angeles Community College District Claim for Damages to Person or​ Property.

Please also see the LACCD Property Loss Response Checklist.

Certificates of Insurance

When the College contracts with another party, the other party often requests a "Certificate of Insurance". To request a certificate of insurance please complete the Request for Certificate of Insurance Form.

Please return your completed form, with a completed copy of the contract, to Sherri Beloney-Hatcher at belonesd@email.laccd.edu.

Employee Driver Authorization

When an employee drives on behalf of LACCD he/she needs to complete the Los Angeles Community College District Driver Data Form.

Please return the completed Los Angeles Community College District Driver Data Form, along with a copy of your valid California Driver’s License, to Sherri Beloney-Hatcher at belonesd@email.laccd.edu​. If you will be driving your personal vehicle on District business, please include Proof of Insurance.