Please be advised that if a retiree under 65 years of age (or a retiree over age 65 with dependents under age 65) enrolls in PERSCare, he/she must pay the difference between PERSCare and PERS Choice.

PERSCare is a plan designed to work along with Medicare. In order to enroll in the PERSCare medical plan with District-paid premium, you must be 65 years of age or older with Medicare A & B.

CalPERS Video for Retirees

The JLMBC is pleased to once again offer the following quality health benefit plans to retirees and survivors:

Medical Plans

Dental Plans

Vision Plan

Employee Assistance Program 

Fall 2014 JLMBC Newsletter


HIPPA Notices

If you have any questions, please call the LACCD Health Benefits Unit at (888) 428-2980. You can also refer to the list of important Phone Numbers and Addresses.

Guild Letter to Retirees

CalPERS Retiree Health Insurance

Health Benefits for New Retirees


Medicare D Notice

Forms and Information You May Need

General Forms

Please complete only the highlighted portions of the form. To add a new dependent, please put an "A" in the Action Code column (highlighted on the form) to the left of the new dependent's name.

To delete a dependent from your medical plan, put a "D" in the Action Code column to the left of the name of the dependent you wish to delete from your plan. 

Domestic Partner Forms and Brochure