Health Benefits Unit

Flexible Spending Accounts

How to use your FSA

Step 1: Determine how much money you need to set aside on an annual basis. Be sure to check the maximum and minimum amounts the plan allows. Be conservative, if it is your first time enrolling in a FSA plan.

Use the FSA calculator to estimate your FSA contribution and potential tax savings (link opens new window).

Step 2: The District will deduct the amount you elect from your pay on a pre-tax basis in equal monthly amounts for the remaining number of pay periods in the plan year.

Step 3: When you have eligible expenses, pay them out of your pocket and don't forget to get an itemized receipt or EOB (Explanation of Benefits) statement.

Step 4: Submit a claim for reimbursement to SHPS, Inc. by fax or mail:

  1. Via fax at (502) 267-2233

  2. Via mail to:

    SHPS FSA Administration
    P.O. Box 34700
    Louisville, KY 40232-4700

Download an FSA claim form here (link opens new window)

Step 5: SHPS, Inc. will process your claims and will forward you a reimbursement check either through the mail or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Download an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) application here (link opens new window)

To check the status of your claim, visit (link opens new window).